If you are looking for a luxury car in Italy, you have come to the right place.

Carsforexpats is the point of reference in Italy for foreigners who want to buy exclusive, prestigious and high quality cars.

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Style, performance and innovation

Trust us to make an excellent purchase

We are proud to offer an exceptional selection of vehicles that combine style, performance and innovation in a unique driving experience.

We handle every make and model of luxury car, from supercars to SUVs, and offer a wide range of vehicles to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

Some of the brands we handle include Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley and Aston Martin.

We select the best cars on the market for our customers, focusing on superior quality. We are experts in the field and are ready to assist you in every step of the purchase.

As luxury car enthusiasts we share the same passion. We are here to answer your questions and guide you in choosing the perfect vehicle.

You're an Expat looking for a luxury car, right?

Get a personalized car experience and consultancy service

We at carsforexpats offer you

Safe Purchase

We carry out a car sales service in English and Italian; we will find the right car for you and show you the documents you need to buy it. You will be protected from fraud.


Personalized advice

We source the best cars on the market in relation to your budget, the duration of your stay in Italy and your transportation needs. Making the right purchase is important especially if the time spent in Italy is limited, this condition in fact implies that the car must be resold.


Insurance & Procedures

We take care of the transfer of ownership, insurance (on request) and we explain what you need to do in Italy to be in good standing with your car. Carsforexpats thinks about everything it takes to make sure you can complete your purchase peacefully.


A car without problem

We at Carsforexpats carry out road driving tests and technical checks necessary to guarantee the quality and reliability of our cars. This is essential to check the overall condition of the car and test its reliability.


Car transport service

We can transport the car you buy wherever you want in Italy, Europe and worldwide. If you are moving to Italy, we can arrange to import your car.


Mechanical assistance service

We have a workshop service with mechanics who speak English, Arabic, Greek and Italian. Carsforexpats in collaboration with its partners carries out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on your car. We are there if you need assistance.

How can I buy a luxury car in Italy

You can use our personalized car consulting service thanks to which we search for a car from the current car market based on your requirements.

We look forward to working with you to find your dream luxury car in Italy. For more information contact us today. Your dream luxury car is waiting for you.


Purchase Assistance

We facilitate the entire buying process. From the evaluation of your needs to the selection of the vehicle as well as handling all the bureaucratic procedures. Carsforexpats is at your side at all stages of the purchase process with the aim of providing a high-quality service.

after sales service

After-sales service

Our commitment to you does not end with the sale. We offer continuous assistance, maintenance and after-sales support to ensure that your luxury car remains at peak performance.

3 steps to get your dream car in Italy

We guarantee the quality and reliability of our cars. We work with all the main brands of cars on the market including the most prestigious

1. Contact

Contact us for a tailor made solution

2. Get personalized advice

We source the best cars on the market for you

3. Purchase & Drive

We carry out a car purchase service both in English and Italian

Trust us to make an excellent purchase

We work with all the main brands of cars on the market including the most prestigious ones.

Buy a car with us

Frequently Asked Questions

With Carsforexpats will be simple, convenient and safe.
Our service includes the following aspects: car purchase consultancy, vehicle search and mechanical check, negotiation with the seller, vehicle check and road test with the buyer, assistance with transfer of ownership and insurance consultancy.
Usually, it takes 2 to 10 working days.
The registration of the car to a new owner (transfer of ownership) can be made at agencies located throughout the Italian territory (ACI). The cost varies according to the power of the car expressed in kw, from approximately 350 to 1000 €. A medium power car (75 kw) costs around € 500
No we do not, we only deal with used cars. That being said, we provide almost new cars with 10000 km that are no more than two years old.
You need an identity document, a certificate of residence and a residence permit in the case of non-European citizens
In Italy cars must have insurance and vehicle safety revision (equivalent to a MOT) The first revision takes place after 4 years from the first registration, the following ones every 2 years. Revision centers are located all over the national territory, the practice costs around € 80. At the end of the review, a paper certificate and an adhesive coupon are issued to be affixed to the vehicle registration document. The payment of an annual car tax is also required, the amount of which varies according to the power expressed in kw of the car.
Yes, of course, distance is not a problem, we can do everything remotely and send you the car wherever you want in Italy or Europe or you can come to Rome and collect the car from our depot. There is a hotel very close to our office in case you need accomodation in Rome.
We can insure your car, this service is included in our standard charge.The insurance cost varies from around € 500 to € 2000 per year. .

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