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Moving to another country is exciting but it can be a tiring experience because you have to reorganize your whole life: a new workplace, a new home, new friends and a new means of transport. Good news, carsforexpats can help you! With carsforexpats the sale of your car will be simple, convenient and safe. You have two possibilities: direct trading or sales assistance. Discover more.....


About carsforexpats

Carsforexpats is an Italian company where we speak English and Italian and offer services related to the purchase and sale of cars for foreigners in Italy.

We have been operating in the automotive sector for many years, with the aim of serving our customers with attention and professionalism. 

If you want to buy, sell or rent a car, contact us. Our job is to find tailor-made solutions for you, without making you waste time in negotiations and taking unnecessary risks.

What carsforexpats can offer you

Why buy or sell a car with us in Rome


Best deal for you

We carry out car sales services in English and Italian; we will find the right car for you and show you the documents you need to buy it. You will be protected from fraud.


Personalized advice

We direct you to the best choice in relation to your budget, your stay in Italy and your transportation needs. Making the right purchase is important especially if the time spent in Italy is limited, this condition in fact implies that the car must be resold.


Administrative assistance

We take care of the transfer of ownership, insurance (on request) and we explain what you need to do in Italy to be in good standing with your car. Carsforexpats thinks about everything it takes to make sure you can complete your purchase peacefully.


Multilingual staff

We offer car services to expats in Italy that come from various countries. We can help you in English


Car transport service

We can transport the car you buy wherever you want in Italy, Europe and worldwide. If you are moving to Italy, we can take care of importing your car.


Mechanical assistance

We have a workshop service with mechanics who speak English, Arabic, Greek and Italian. Carsforexpats in collaboration with its partners carries out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on your car. We are there if you need assistance.

Are you an expats looking for a car, right?


The expats professionals

Carsforexpats was created to create a contact point between the car market in Italy and the foreigners who live here. We are car industry experts, the knowledge and experience we have gained in Italy and abroad allows us to offer high quality products and services.

We try to improve every day and we are committed to creating the conditions for our client to feel understood and satisfied as if you were in your country of origin.

Related Services

Buy a car

We carry out car sales services in English and Italian; we will find the right car for you in Italy

Sell a car

Sell your car at the best price and quickly. With Carsforexpats the sale of your car will be simple and safe

Driving School

We offer courses in collaboration with our partners to get a driving license and driving lessons in Rome.

Insurance Service

Securing your car in a country you don't know can be tricky. We take care of insuring your vehicle, including in the policy that you want at the best price.

Professional services

Carsforexpats also deals with offering a series of professional services for your car: specialized mechanical workshop, bodywork service and sale of tires

Car Transfer service

We can ship your car wherever you want in Italy and Europe. Contact us and we will explain in detail how the service works.

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